Biodegradable Paper

BIO Paper

Biodegradable Paper


Product Specification

Item Name: BIO Paper

Material: Bamboo/wood pulp paper

Paper Weight: 160~400gsm

Paper Width: 600~1300mm

Coated Weight: 5~30gsm

Coating Process: Single /Double

Size: Customized

Features: Greaseproof, waterproof, resist high temperature

Usage: To make paper cup, paper bowl, paper cup fan

In order to protect the environment and reduce white pollution, Sinoone sells biodegradable paper. Biodegradable paper can decompose itself after being buried in the soil under natural conditions for half a year, which can effectively avoid environmental pollution. At the same time, biodegradable paper also has good water and moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, and conforms to environmental protection, health and safety standards. It is suitable for the production and application of paper cups, paper bowls or other paper products.


* Food safe paper, contact with food stuff directly

* Strong Folding resistant, no creases

* Suitable for multi - color printing

* High stiffness and good brightness

* Fully Recyclable and light weight


❉ Coffee  Cup

❉ Soup Cup

❉ Snack packing bowl

❉ Disposable Paper Cup

❉ Noodles Bowl

❉ Paper Bowl

Producing procedures:

1. PE/PLA/BIO coated paper processing details

2. Printing and die-cuting

3. Loading

We can provide customers with one-stop service for PE/PLA/BIO coating, printing, die-cutting, cutting and cross-cutting with prompt delivery.


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